Interview with Actor Frederic Doss


What is your ideal film role?

Frederic Doss: Anything where I get to have fun without sacrificing my principals as a human being. I love action stuff with guns and fighting, but I’ll have as much fun doing romantic comedy, horror or drama. I just love making films.

Have you given any thought about writing?

Frederic Doss: I have written a little. I’ve dabbled with a couple short films and collaborated with my wife, who is a very gifted writer, on a couple of things. I enjoy it. Not as much as acting, but I enjoy it.

What interests you about film?

Frederic Doss: It’s pretend for grown-ups. It’s becoming something amazing. You get to learn things and do things that you might never get to do as someone who isn’t in the business.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Frederic Doss: I’ve had my sites on being an entertainer since I was little, but I loved being in the military. I miss it sometimes. I also wanted to work in comic books, primarily as an artist for a bit. Also was going to be a college professor for awhile and teach sociology. Glad I’m working as an actor now. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do all that other stuff too.

What is your most favorite role you’ve had so far?

Frederic Doss: Frank from “Humans Vs. Zombies” that we recently wrapped in Pittsburg Texas was a great role. It was a lead on a great project and I got to kill a lot of zombies with guns and various sharp and blunt instruments. Good times. I also rank GI Joe pretty high on the list because I was paid a lot of money to goof around in an actual Apache helicopter all day. The hardest part about that role was trying not to smile.

Who is your favorite actor?

Frederic Doss: Hard to say. I idolize guys like Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn, Bruce Campbell, Guy Pearce and the like because they are working actors. They make a living at it and do amazing roles. They do the kind of roles I want to do. Matt Damon ranks up there because of his talent and because of the way he leads his private life. Inspirational.

“Double Negative” has just arrived not too far back, and a sequel web series has been announced. What do you want to occur in the next few stories of David Reeves?

Frederic Doss: Is that going to happen? Well if the money is there and it’s well-planned out. We sacrificed a lot on the last one due to scheduling conflicts. I’m happy with what we did, but it could have been so much more. I’ve been inspired recently by a couple of things. Would be neat to do this thing right.

Do you plan on retiring ever?

Frederic Doss: If it ever gets not fun…and I’ve made enough money, then maybe. I don’t plan on it ever being not fun.

What is your favorite genre of film?
Frederic Doss: I love the Tarantino/Ritchie type edgy, crime action.

Who do you wish to portray in film, if anyone?

Frederic Doss: I’d love to do a super hero role one day. Not sure who. Have talked with a few friends about tackling Hank Williams Sr. maybe as well. Who know?

Again, thank you for your time and have a pleasant day. – Interview by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson

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