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I've always enjoyed writing or sharing thoughts about film, even if at times this leads to heated discussions, but movies are always a great talking point and a great viewing experience. Now that I've graduated, I plan to do this some more, and even get the chance to make them one day. Feel free to follow me @Ekmclive on twitter for occasional ramblings, or take a visit to my blog for more on films, games and my work.

  • A Field in England : Review

    Be prepared to experience an extremely trippy film here. Ben Wheatley’s follow up to the hilarious Sightseers takes an obscure turn, as it ventures into the mysterious and titular location; a grassy expanse encircled by a mass of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The film centres on Whitehead, a cowardly servant who dabbles in divination. After fleeing from […]

  • Stoker Review

    Park Chan Wook’s transition to Hollywood appears to have been a smooth one, and here he has created a subtle and beautiful looking piece of work. This is surprising for a director who has been associated with extreme cinema, from Oldboy’s (2003) live octopus scene to his subversive, bloody take on the vampire genre Thirst […]

  • Dark Knight Rises: Trailer 4

    Another full length trailer has arrived online for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, in what is being promoted as a ‘Nokia‘ exclusive. Initial concerns of course arise from the possibilities of spoiling more of the film’s content. Yet thankfully it doesn’t go the ‘Prometheus‘ route and reveal lots of goodies, and instead rather opts to flesh […]

  • New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    A short but sweet viral campaign asked people to tweet in images of Batman graffiti around the world, and each tweet would reveal a frame from the epic trailer that has finally been released today. Fully loaded with action, suspense and moody drama, this is looking to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. Saying […]

  • Abertoir Horror Festival 2012

    After writing about this wonderful festival a while ago, I can now present to you the promo for last year’s Abertoir. For more information about the event,  you can visit their website for more updates about this year’s festival. They’ve already announced the dates, but there’s no word yet on what’s to come. However based […]

  • ‘Black Pond’ Review

    Not as dark as the title suggests, this black comedy/drama is a charming, quirky and moving portrait of a dysfunctional family (and friend) dealing with a newly made, if rather odd, acquaintance. What follows are rows, personal portraits and some wicked acting from an ensemble so varied in characters that there is not one person […]

  • Rec 3: One Hell of a Wedding

     The ‘Rec‘ franchise has been a bit of fresh air when it comes to the found footage genre, as despite being mostly conventional it has been able to keep the format fresh with its unrelenting pace and exposed perspectives. The past two films depict a block of flats that has been quarantined to contain a […]

  • Chronicle: Documented Superheroes

    With just a week to go until its release in the UK (the 3rd in the States) ‘Chronicle‘ is shaping up to showcase a new generation of superhero films. So far the buzz has been undeniably positive,especially with its fresh take on the genre as the development of the character’s powers are documented through handheld […]

  • Man on a Ledge: Debut Trailer

    The guys back at apple trailers have given us the premier for the vertigo inducing thriller ‘Man on a Ledge‘, starring Sam Worthington, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris in what is looking to be a promising heist tale. Yet is all what it appears to be? Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, an escaped convict who claims was […]

  • Upper: Is it Real?

    I stumbled across an article on bloodydisgusting and I have to say that this is pretty intriguing stuff. On the site you’ll find a trailer that explains the entire background of the film ‘upper’, which is set to premier at Sundance this year. The film apparently revolves around the real life events that led to the […]